Check here to see if you are a hypocrite

Are you really as good a person as you purport to be?  The Christian Church and most other religions offer some pretty good guidelines.  Here is a Christian view. Check it out and see if you are okay, or just another hypocrite.

We will start with the Seven Deadly Sins. They are:

  • Lust (go easy on the porn sites)
  • Gluttony (that fourple-patty burger with giant fries and half-gallon chocolate malt might put you into this category)
  • Greed (really, just how much money do you need?}
  • Sloth (get off the couch, Pard)
  • Wrath (watch that road rage)
  • Envy (he has a great car and I want it)
  • Pride (goeth before a fall)

How many do you commit every day? Do you berate others for doing the same things?

Another “good person” check is to see how well we do with the Corporal Works of Mercy:

  1. To feed the hungry
  2. To give drink to the thirsty
  3. To clothe the naked
  4. To harbor the harborless (sometimes written as shelter the homeless)
  5. To visit the sick
  6. To ransom the captive
  7. To bury the dead

When we decide on our political philosophy, we might consider which party tries to do the best job on the Works of Mercy.

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