Don’t just sit there, paddle!

If you want to anticipate outdoor recreation opportunities and adventures in the future, rather than have only memories of family fun in the past, there are things you can do to take action to protect Pactola Reservoir and the priceless and irreplaceable Rapid Creek Watershed.

  1. See the related story on the Top Dog’s blog: Take a Drive on My Adventure Road.
  2. Volunteer for one of the organizations that are partners in Rapid Creek Watershed Action.
  3. Donate to the cause.
  4. Sign the petition to create the Rapid Creek Watershed Recreation area
  5. Ask your Rapid City aldermen and women to keep our water clean.
  6. Share your memories of recreation and outdoor fun in the watershed.
  7. Learn more about the value of outdoor recreation.
Paddlers get ready to launch a flotilla of volunteers to promote the Watershed Action Campaign to boaters in early August.

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